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Aju Deshpande (Shirish V. Deshpande)

Born and brought up in Vile-Parle, Mumbai, India .

Proud to be student of  “Parle Tilak Vidyalaya, Vile Parle, Mumbai “ and believes PTV is a School which has churned out more talent than any   of those so called reputed schools  in  the country.

College Education in N.M.College which he feels has helped him build a confidence.

Worked with NABARD in various cities including Mumbai, Bhopal, Ahmadabad and Chandigarh for 25 years and had opportunity to travel in remotest areas of the country. Author insists, travelling extensively has added to his knowledge (more than anything else) and experienced variety of cultures and people all over country has aided immensely in his hobby of writing  . 

Inspired on one fine morning by  Aameer Khan movie , “ 3 Idiots” (may sound silly as it was quite late in his career) and quit the job.  Busybee (Behram Contractor) famous satirical columnist of  dailies from Mumbai 'MID DAY' and later 'Afternoon'

His column “Round and About” has been Author’s favourite and Aju’s style of writing knowingly or unknowingly similar.

Writing became Author’s passion since 1996 and wrote articles, columns for Monthly “AAMHI PARLEKAR”  for about 15 years. 

He has to his credit articles in various Marathi Magazines like  “Battishi”, “ Mee Maharashtracha” and others.

Aju’s hindi poem “Mera Sab Acchaa hai” won the first prize in all India Poem competition from among 25 offices of NABARD.

For past three years has been writing  a column for a Magazine “Abhootpurva”.

His Columns in various magazines in Marathi depict touch of sensitive humour and cover subjects ranging from Sports, Films and various social issues.

Aju as an author has written 5 books .

Author has been awarded place for making  National Record in LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS for book on praise slogans on Sachin Tendulkar.

Author has been writing popular column for renowned  Marathi Daily TARUN BHARAT before historical Loksabha Elections of May-2014.

Author’s  had desired to launch a website and put across various quality and innovative humorous articles, books, jokes, puzzles, cartoons, slogans for larger audience , worldwide viewers  and constantly update it to keep it fresh and timeless.