"Twenty two year boy blackmails girlfriend with her nude pictures "

What is this ? porn revenge? New phrase in media . Horrifically  astonished  after reading  few articles. Feeling quite upset because it's happening every day. Can't just keep quiet. Who is wrong who is right ?
A girl who ditches a boy after years of love and false promises  or boy who expects too much from a girl. Two birds build nest together then nurture eggs of love.  Ultimately both fight,  leave the nest and egg.
Actually here both are guilty.  In all the articles about 'porn revenge'  I have read in media,  one theme is common. Censor the photos,  close  the  websites etc etc. But is it only  solution? It's like giving batsman additional gloves pad and helmet if he can't play bouncers well or fast bowling with courage .But not teaching him technique to bat. When boy is likely to take revenge   he is actually  in suicidal  mental state of mind which should be treated urgently , banning website or arresting him is OK for temporary period but the vaccine he needs is of counselling. He feels like a tiger who has hunted a deer and it has escaped. He is acting childishly,   he is extremely agitated.  Girl has  right to rebuff him or reject him.  No boy should take a girl for granted for ever.